Nike Air Force 1 Back to the Future Delorean Shoes by eXpression Airbrush

After giving us a look at his Space Shuttle theme custom shoe last month Robee of eXpression Airbrush is back with a bit more futuristic ride as his theme: The Back to the Future Delorean. What started out as a silver Nike Air Force 1 with Foamposite upper has been completely transformed to the sharp lines and shading of Marty and Doc’s time machine used through out the BTTF movie series. The metal looking upper was given from toe to heel the elements of DMC’s famed vehicle from bumper to bumper. A DMC logo graces the front toes on each shoe while the heels have an arrary of squares painted to mimic the tail lights. Next the Swooshes on the lateral sides have been painted with lightning strikes that glow blue along with the heel logos. Lastly the shoe box was cut and repainted along with a set of custom molded lace locks each featuring the Delorean’s in car flux capacitor to complete the look. Is this the best Back to the Future custom sneaker we’ve seen so far?

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