Nike Air 180-GMTX Custom Concept by @JamesMcJimmy


Bring more to the table and you will be rewarded. Sounds like a cookie’s fortune but surely attempting something new outside of a regurgitated by everyone customization (this goes for both paint or reconstruction) can bring more opportunity, right? Though the making of a conceptualized custom design is not anything new, they are rare to see and much more damn exciting. Titled the Nike 180-GMTX this pair is a custom concept constructed by James McJimmy with the main inspiration being Nike’s ACG line.

The base is that of an Retro Nike Air Max 180 OG solar red/ultramarine runner sole which has been given a completely different upper. James’ stages before being close to complete were weeks of time spent perfecting the desired upper, choosing fabrics, a standard shoe making procedure took place with pattern making, 3D paper mockups, fabric cutting, stitching the upper and finally lasting. The original base was intended to be from a more contemporary Nike runner sole (one of which we’ll keep secret just in case James’ decides to go that route on another creation).

Overall the low AM 180 upper was replaced with that of one at mid-cut length starting with hand engraved cement colored elephant print sueude panels. Next premium leathers were used for the mostly white upper mixed in with black straps on the fore-foot, heel and toes. A bit of ankle lock down tech was added in the use of the woven straps on the heel tab and those around the ankle used as eyelets for the laces. The original ultramarine Swooshes were kept to match the same colored sole toes. To stick with the runner theme Huarache-esque neoprene sock liners were made and topped with engraved James McJimmy tongue tags. A final modern addition of metallic silver was painted on the midsoles. Now even if the idea doesn’t appeal to you aren’t these much more exciting to see than a print or material like…….oh too many to answer you know what they are.

These custom concepts can be ordered in your size via and be sure to follow @JamesMcJimmy on Twitter and Instagram for more of his work.

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