Nest Adidas Boost Custom by KXIV

For every 1000 pairs of some rehashed theme customizations, you have a pair of sneakers like this Nest Adidas Boost by KXIV. Well, the reality is maybe more like every 10,000 pairs. Deconstructing the soles from what looks to be an Ultra Boost, KXIV went on to create a completely new upper with a very distinct inspiration. KXIV is the moniker for the work of Nathan Kiatkulpiboone, an architecturally trained designer. Nathan’s work in custom sneakers dates back to the early 2000’s. From this pair it’s obvious where his time has been spent in recent years.

The distinct inspiration starts with the texture of the Boost midsole looking similar to the¬†Beijing National Aquatics Center’s bubble looking structure made of ETFE fluorine-based plastic. The Center’s location is directly adjacent to the Beijing National Stadium of which inspired the custom upper. Nicknamed the “Bird’s Nest”, the stadium’s look of erratic lines was reimagined with a textured skin made of abrasive resistant poly-urethan fused to a Lycra base. Next, instead of merely making a few eyelets for laces to sit, KXIV added multiple points of support for two laces held by separate 3D printed locks. That 10,000 pairs for this 1 is maybe still an estimation below the reality.

These are for sure a one of one concept, but you can follow the designer on or see more of his portfolio at

KXIV Adidas Custom Boost KXIV Adidas Custom Boost KXIV Adidas Custom Boost