Nerf or Nothing Nike Huarache Trainer Low by @JustBeast23

No sneaker is really safe from the Nerf colorway officially created by Nike last year on the KD4. Then again the flashy combination really only has true meaning on the more athletic looking sneakers not what is considered casual by today’s standards like Dunks or Air Force 1s. The bright colors are at home on this Nike Huarache Trainer low by JustBeast titled Nerf or Nothing. Even though the original plan was not to be Nerf inspired at all the look overtook the original design Jason Bowen aka JustBeast had in mind. The use of a base with already orange accents left room for bit more orange painted on the toebox, a pearlescent purple on the toes and back heels covered with a black splatter gradient and a highlighter yellow to emphasize these being Nikes.

These are 1 of 1 for now but JustBeast is open for custom orders of these or other custom sneaker ideas you may have. Contact him on Twitter @JustBeast23 or [email protected]