Nerf Nike Lebron 9 Custom by Mache Custom Kicks

This past weekend sneaker fans lined up for the release of the “Nerf” KD4. The brand synonymous with the mini hoop dunk teamed up with the designers of Kevin Durant’s Nike signature model for a really eye popping colorway. The box package even comes complete with a Nerf ball and hoop. It was only a matter of time before a shoe customizer attempted to place the Nerf colorway on another Nike. The first to release his version is Dan Gamache of Mache Custom Kicks on a Lebron 9. These may be the first customized Lebron 9 as well. The based used was the red/black Lebron 9 that was masked up with tape as seen below and then painted a gray and purple. The additional highlights of a infrared like Swoosh and neon Nerf yellow pop just like the original Durants. Against the gray a black tech challenge like print was added along with neon speckles on the midsoles. Lastly to give it that final “Nerf” KD4 mirroring the tongues with Lebron’s signature were painted the same bubbly Nerf like print. Do you think Nike should have planned the Nerf colorway on more signature shoes?

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