NERF Nike Kobe VII Custom by Mache Custom Kicks

Surely you may want these custom NERF Nike Kobe VIIs, but you just can not have them. Dan Gamache of Mache Custom Kicks had to create just one more version for himself using the latest Kobe Bryant’s to complete his own Nike NERF pack, then “NO MORE NERFS” is what he told PaintOrThread. In case you are out of the loop this concept was originally released by Nike one month ago on the Kevin Durant KD4 as seen in the photos below. Complete with a NERF mini hoop and ball the KD4 package screamed 90s bright colors and patterns, quickly reaching the $1,000 mark on the resellers market. A week or so after the KD4 release Mache painted the same color blocking on a pair of Nike Lebron 9, Internet panic ensued blowing up Mache’s inbox causing him to release 11 pairs at a set price per pair and then letting 1 sell via eBay auction. The 12th pair sold for over $4,000.00. Of course someone buying them for 4gs inspired another person to try and make their own pair to sell on eBay, still going for $400+ despite a lower quality paint job. Then Mache just wanted to crush all the kid’s dreams by customizing one of the most technical Nike basketball shoes ever.

What started off as the already loud “Cheetah” version of the Kobe VII, this pair can now fit in with the rest of the cool Nerf kids. The same color blocking of a purple forefoot was painted along with the infrared Swooshes. Next the midsoles were painted black with gray speckles along with the tongues and ankle liners painted in the black and gray tech-challenge like print. Considering the success of the NERF concept do you think Nike wished they officially outfitted other models with the colorway or are satisfied to have kept the NERF as a signature of the KD4?

Remember, Mache says he won’t make these NERF Kobes but surely could create you an original custom, contact him here: or