“Napalm Death” Vietnam Zippo Lighter Art inspired Custom Nikes by SBTG

Since 2003 SBTG along with a few of his artists under his RoyaleFam brand have created over 2000 custom shoes in hundreds of designs, variations, patterns, and textures. If I had to choose this pair might be my personal favorite. Titled “Naplam Death”  these Nike Air Force 1 Hi tops are are inspired by the Zippo lighters carried by many a U.S. soldier during the Vietnam war. Against the neon green front is SBTG artwork similar to the simple engraved line work on the aforementioned Zippo lighters. The back of each shoe is covered in a white cross bones painting. Hints of pink are in the SBTG logo and a “gunshot” like glass cracking design on the heels.  Classic shoe sihoulette with a iconic design concept merging essentially 3 decades into one shoe. Unfortunately these will forever ever be 1 of 1, like many of the Zippo lighters.

Though you can order a variation of these by sending an email to [email protected].

Checkout more SBTG 1 of 1’s via his website: www.RoyaleFam.com