MOCKUPS: A Design Vinyl Toy by Louie Gong of @8thegen

One of the coolest things in this modern creative space that allows anyone to start a business and make a living on their passion is when you talk to someone about what they are working on and it actually becomes a reality. Last year I discussed a project with Louie Gong that he had been planning for quite some time to extend the brand he has built under 8th Generation. Louie has taken the simple idea of customizing shoes based on a niche design style to working with teachers and students all over the world on through custom shoe workshops with an overall message of the importance of cultural identity. Today his brand grows along with the possibility of what shoe customization has to offer.

Louie’s new product, MOCKUPS was announced to the public today with an official release on October 22nd, 2012. MOCKUPS are influenced by shoe customization and designed for people of all ages and artistic abilities.The product is a vinyl toy like many you have seen from brands like KidRobot or MAD Toy. But not a figurine like many before it, they are modeled after a pair of slip-on shoes.  As with customizing shoes you usually have one shot of creating your design be it with a leather or canvas shoe. Having to start over is a pain as removing paint or painting over mistakes usually brings down the quality of artwork. With MOCKUPS you can use nearly any coloring or drawing tool with simple ability to erase and wipe clean from the vinyl surface to start over before you take the design to your sneakers. But their size and prices allows them to be great canvas’ for a stand alone art pieces as well.

Each set of MOCKUPS will retail at $24.99 with bulk family and classroom packs available as well. From everyone will be able to share their designs, rate others, and download free information and tips including lesson plans for educators.

Whether you are an aspiring vinyl toy customizer, veteran sneaker customizer, art teacher or anywhere in between MOCKUPS look to be a great tool to express ones passion for art, sneakers and individuality. Checkout the MOCKUPS Facebook Page: for giveaways until the official website is launched October 22nd, 2012.