Mizzee Customs: Skittles Blazer Hi

Debuted at this past weekends International Sneaker Battle at which Miss Saigon won Best Customs, Mizzee Customs had a table with these beautiful Skittles Blazer Hi. Made for a customer Mizzee again showcased his affinity for the airbrush with an impeccable six color fade cheetah print. The print was accented by choosing a purple soled Blazer and adding a glossy black on matte black ghost cheetah print on the toes and fat swooshes. It is pretty hard to mess this design up but that is only if you can get such a great fade and very few customizers can mimic the Miz on this one. Oh and remember those Busy P Nike Air Force 1’s? I think they’d look better as an Air Max 90………..don’t ya think?  I wonder what DJ Klark Kent thinks? Mizzee let the audience know what the man thought!

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