Mister Softee Ice Cream Air Jordan 3 Shoes by Revive Customs

On a hot summer day nothing is a bigger sign of relief than the sound of the ice cream man coming down the street. Mister Softee ice cream trucks aren’t all over the United States but with 600 across 15 states I’m sure if you had seen them regularly growing up you’d probably say “Why didn’t I think of this custom?” The combination of white, blue and red is nearly identical between the Mister Softee truck and the True Blue colorway of the Air Jordan III. So Evan of Revive Customs combined the two.

“In Brooklyn, where I live, there is always a Mr. Softee truck in the neighborhood, I paint my shoes in my backyard and I hear the truck all the time with its jingle. I did them on a pair of True blue 3’s because I always felt that the shoe already looked so much like the ice cream truck, i thought it would be the perfect base……Mr. Softee is a prominent street icon for those living on the east coast and especially in New York, I felt it was necessary to pay tribute.” – Evan of Revive Customs

Across the white upper Revive recreated the vintage-esq red signage of Mister Softee, “Slow Watch for Our Children, and “the very best.” On the right shoe the image of Mister Softee himself was painted with his ice cream cone face, ice cream hair bow-tie and all. To live up to the frozen treats details were carefully painted including a waffle cone print across the mudguard, a green melting drip around the blue midsole as seen on the trucks “cones, shakes, sundaes” text, and then a rainbow of colors across the front toe stitching to mimic sprinkles.

If either you own a Mister Softee franchise or just love you some American nostalgia in this modern era this design is for you. Follow @revivecustoms on Twitter and find more custom work via his site: ReviveCustoms.com

The Mister Softee ice cream truck inspiration. Image via: dacritics.org