Mayan Prophecy Nike Dunk Custom Shoes by ROM

Custom sneakers from RŌM, shared here on PaintOrThread is something that is long overdue. Luckily some are up before the “end of the world next December.” One of the first interviews with the mind behind RŌM, Martin Figueroa, was actually posted back in late 2009. Since that interview Figueroa has established his brand for a long future with well thought out themes, marketing and a signature style. First hand proof of his development as a shoe customizer can be seen in his latest work, the Mayan Prophecy Nike Dunk Hi.

You can expect pop culture to slowly take on the entire “Mayan” theme over the next twelve months as the date of December 21st, 2012 creeps closer. With this pair of customs RŌM reaches into a simplistic visual concept of Mayan culture with a placement of detailed hand painted graphics one of which is the Mayan God Huracan in his snake form, ancient mosaic stone patterns, and a wisp of wavey vines and leaves centered towards the back heels of both shoes. The shoe itself is a combination of black and a muted tan upper and gum soles. There is debate on whether that date in December is prophesied to be a spiritual transformation or some end of times scenario, but with these sneakers its a clear transition from plain to simply intricate, without going overboard.

If you want a pair of these Mayan Prophecy Nike Dunks act quick as RŌM is limiting the release to 12 pairs total. Contact him and checkout more work via his Facebook page: and website: