@MachineGunKelly Lace Up Nike Dunk Shoes by Ground Breaker Customs

After being his go to slogan for a while rapper Machine Gun Kelly probably knew name of his recently released debut studio album was going to be Lace Up. Earlier this year Demetrius of Ground Breaker Customs created this custom Nike Dunk of which he was able to share as he met the man MGK himself.

What started out as a previously black and action red Nike Dunk stayed that way as it matched the artists logo colorway. But to start the red panels were painted black and covered with a red splatter. Next the back panels were covered with a carbon fiber textured vinyl with red contrast stitching. Seen from the direct back those panels became one as they highlight an pair inset Lace Up logos. To finish them off with further detail metal eyelets were added to the lace panels and on the tongue to bring the slogan-ed theme full circle.

Check more work from Ground Breaker Customs at https://www.facebook.com/GBC414 and follow him on Twitter under something lots of male customizers have probably been called: @ThatShoeGuy

Before being customized Nike Dunk image via SneakerNews