Mache Customs on SkeeLIVE’s #SKEELocker with 2Chainz


In the past most kids looked up to just be an athlete or musician, but these days people like DJ SKEE are making it just as big as a media personality. Still new but already making a mark is DJ Skee’s new cable television show SKEElive on the channel AXS TV that gets back to the roots of good music and the culture that surrounds it. Each Tuesday night the show is full with interviews, live performances, athlete highlights, AND a special session each episode dedicated to SNEAKERS in collaboration with

Tonight one our own (sneaker customizers, that is) Dan Gamache of Mache Customs shares his story as part of the SKEElocker segment. Check tonight’s episode preview below where DJ SKEE showcases some of the latest regularly released sneakers and a 1 on 1 conversation with Mache.

To watch SkeeLIVE on your cable TV listing check AXS.TV and see more work from Mache at

Apparently a special pair for 2Chainz by Mache will be debuted on tonight’s episode too! Via: @Mache275