Mac Miller Blue Slide Park Custom Nike Air Max 90 Shoes by FRSH Footwear

Independent is the way to go, well surely Mac Miller thinks so. After his debut full length album, Blue Slide Park, opened up at #1 on the Billboard Top 200 Albums, the first indie debut album to do so since Snoop Dogg’s “Dogg Food” in 1995 he got this matching pair of kicks. Customized and hand delivered to Miller by FRSH Footwear customizer Steve Nicholas, this pair of Air Max 90s feature a colorway designed after the album’s cover art. As you can see in the photo below Nicholas was able to meet Miller at his sold out Blue Slide Park Tour in New York City.

The Blue Slide Park album cover designed by Mac’s brother Miller McCormick and Redtape Design was actually inspired by a little girl’s drawing found on a Google Image search for the Pittsburgh park. The FRSH Footwear shoes mimic the cover in the Air Max 90’s triangular parts being painted the same multi colors found on the covers triangles. Lastly the bright blue streak as the slide can be seen on the heel and toebox. Lastly a subtle off white makes up the majority of the midsoles and upper panels. How do you think these compare with past music inspired custom sneakers?

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Blue Slide Park album cover art work via: Swagzine