Lupe Fiasco LASERS Custom Nike Air Force One Shoes Video

The sense of accomplishment after an idea comes to fruition is always a great feeling, even more so when others truly appreciate the finished product themselves. That feeling was probably shared by Lupe Fiasco with his latest album titled LASERS and how budding shoe customizer Th3rtyse7n felt after finishing and showing off this pair of custom Nike Air Force Ones based off that album. The graphic of the albums cover was recreated in a simple combination of white and black with a painted LOSERS on the left shoes side panel with a red A over the O making it say LASERS. To not sway from the look of the design the right shoe was painted with a black and gray silhouette of Lupe in front of a red laser. Here is some insight from Th3rtyse7n on this project:

I have this idea of pursuing my art and living happily off it. I cant stand working an office job and if I’m passionate about something then why not pursue it. Unfortunately not everybody sees life this way. That’s why these sneakers are more than a pair of customs to me, and its not because I was able to meet Lupe, but because of all the trouble to get here, and what this piece was personifying. The idea to NEVER GIVE UP, and to always try for your dreams. I couldn’t have asked for a better album to do on these sneakers. What Lupe went through just to have his album released, and how us, his loyal fans didn’t give up on him or the album. It was exactly how I felt with chasing my dream and not giving up regardless with what the people around me felt about it. Always try, and never give up. Not many believed in my idea and the path i decided to take. Friends or Family, they thought it reckless or a waste of time. That my skills, if I had any at all were insufficient. Instead of taking their words to heart and let them take me off track, I used them as fuel. I only had a couple of days to get this project done and really had to put in a lot of work in the little time I had before the deadline. Again people didn’t have faith in what I was doing. It was fine though because I knew that I was going to finish this project even if it meant not sleeping for some days to fit the work in. Finally It was the deadline and the shoes had to be presented to Lupe. Luckily he liked them and even more exciting was that everyone else that saw them liked them. Then I started to think what if nobody liked them? What would I have done…I would have done the same thing I’m doing now. I would keep trying, I would keep on painting because it makes me happy and if it can make ONE other person happy out there then my job is done. My goal is to INSPIRE. To show that through PERSISTENCE, ENDURANCE, and PERSEVERANCE your dreams and wishes can come true. NEVER GIVE UP and everything will come to you in due time. ENDURE.

The meaning behind this album and these shoes are one and the same.

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