Lucha Libre Custom Shoes by C2 Customs

Some people may think professional wrestling is fake but you can not deny the athleticism it takes in the ring especially that showcased in the Lucha Libre genre. Lucha Libre stands for “free wrestling” or “free fighting” in Spanish and the actual wrestling is made up of high flying acrobatics, rapid holds, and fancy masks to hide the competitors true identity. But how could a shoe customizer possibly translate that crowd riling excitement into a custom shoe? Since Lucha Libre has a rich history with it first becoming a national phenomena in Mexico in the 1930s C2 Customs looked no further than the vintage posters used to promote the upcoming matches: stripes, stars, 2 or 3 bold colors, and a carnival like font lettering.

Using the same name as a newer children’s cartoon based on Lucha Libre, C2 titled these custom Nike Dunks “Mucha Lucha”. The theme is obvious with one glance of the tongue that C2 constructed with few pieces of leather to look like a Lucha Libre mask complete with holes for the eyes, nose and mouth. The rest of the previously red and white upper was hand painted using black and gray to recreate the vintage Lucha Libre poster design and memorabilia with weathered stripes, stars, the customers name Marco Torres on the back heels and C2 on the toe box. Uno, dos, tres…….C2 easily won this customer request design match.

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edit: Checkout this time-lapse C2 filmed of himself customizing the shoes over a few sittings: