Los Tigres Custom Nike Dunks by Impeccable Customs

Last week Impeccable Customs gave the sneaker world a pair of customs titled “Toxic Leopard.” Their distinct patterned soles and bright colors made them look like something a super villain might wear. Of course that villain would have to have a counterpart, why not a tiger? Impeccable has created a similar Dunk titled “Los Tigres” again using the White Pack Dunk with the clear soles and completely changing them. The uppers now feature a matte black upper with a bright orange Swoosh and ankle area. Once again the unique customization is the dyed clear soles which are a tiger stripped black and orange. Given how bold these are they could easily get anyone the looks that a true super villain would garner.

To have Impeccable customize your own pair of  “Los Tigres” Dunks visit his webshop here: ShopImpeccable