Little Big Planet Custom Vans Shoes by Kyozo Kicks for Charity

New Zealand based shoe customizer Nick Tonks of Kyozo Kicks has steadily put together a portfolio of video game themed custom shoes. Now he can add philanthropy to his resume with his recently customized Little Big Planet Vans slip ons. He auctioned them off on eBay with all proceeds going to Child’s Play, a charity that provides video games and other interactive toys for children’s hospitals. The design was based off the video game LittleBigPlanet’s numerous virtual stickers and how a gamer new to the game would likely end up posting all the different stickers upon the screen in no order or succession. In total 24 colors were used. Nick reached out to find images of the stickers he could not find or remember and the company that created the game, Media Molecule was eager to help. Good thing Nick decided to give them up for auction as they brought in a hefty but still worthy total of $510. Great to see yet another shoe customizer giving his time to raise money for a charitable manner.

For more info on Nick of Kyozo Kicks and his story about how these shoes came to life visit his site here: