How To Tuesday: Where to Buy Angelus Paints Online

A question often sent to PaintOrThread is that of where to buy paint for sneakers, and specifically the coveted Angelus Leather Paint. With a long history behind them, Angelus Shoe Polish has provided shoe repair supply products since the early 1900s. Over time they added many items to the list of products, one being acrylic paint for leather. Since around 2001 or 2002 their leather paint¬†have been one of the number one choice among sneaker customizers and an important part of any experienced sneaker customizers creative arsenal. With that growth comes a wider distribution, yet the paint is still not something you’ll find at most local craft store chains. Not many places even have the product in-store, so your best bet is purchasing it online.

Click through the list to see 10+ legitimate places to purchase Angelus Leather Paint.