Lime Green Air Jordan XI’s That Should Have Released By Now

To many people, the Air Jordan XI is the greatest of all Jordans. Pick out any color scheme and it will probably look good upon the patent leather silo that released originally in 1996. The shoe was likely the most bootlegged sneaker in the mid-2000s as many online outlets had the XI in every color under the rainbow. But as Nike cracked down on the fake perpetrators and more knowledge was gained by the public the sight of a fake Jordan XI has become less and less. In fact, many a Jordan Brand athletes have seen their own special color scheme of the XI. In turn, the customizers have picked up where the demand for other colors is met by the general populous. For example, this Air Jordan XI “Monstar” by Illiunaire

The base was the 2015 release of the “72-10” XI. Keeping the look in line with the classics the black upper was untouched. Changes were the eye-catching green dye put to the clear soles and set of blacked out Jumpman logos. How has Jordan never released this look? Will we ever see releases such as this or will the same colorways be retro-ed over and over?

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Lime Green Air Jordan 11