Lamour Supreme for Mishka: 1980s Characters Etnies Custom Shoes

One of my favorite things about custom shoes, and art in general is the freedom of rules and guidelines. Yes there are techniques and categories and movements but there is nothing holding anyone back to create something we have never seen before. Now I don’t think these custom Etnies Jamesons  are any where near that level of importance. But they do make you think WTF? And isn’t that stand for something these days? I’d love to wear these just for peoples reactions to the once innocent 80’s characters……I guess even the non-human celebrities fall to the “fast life partying” culture.

Painted by Lamour Supreme for the clothing brand Mishka as part of a art and custom sneaker auction for the Comic Book Legal Defense. The event was sponsored by Etnies and SEEN which took place over the summer during the 2010 Comic Con in San Diego, California. These were actually given away on G4’s Attack of the Show. Mishka asked Lamour to take it back to his olden days of his airbrushing t-shirts, jackets, and jeans. Words from Mishka:

Man did Lamour ever go to town on these shoes!!! There’s a stoned Alf, Noid, Kool-Aid Man, a cracked out E.T., a drunk Smurf and even some Gremlins. Basically everything a juvenile delinquent circa 1988 would have asked him to paint on a tee. I think I smell a few “cease and desists” coming our way thanks to Lamour! These are like the greatest 80′s pop-culture acid trip you’ve never had and are a one of one.

You and I have no other choice than to concur.

Here is a look at some other the other artists custom Etnies and paintings that were part of the auction: