Lady Gaga “Telephone” Custom Vans Shoes by Bbee

I couldn’t tell you what was going on in Lady Gaga’s video for her single “Telephone” if I had to. But these custom Vans Slip Ons by BBEE really captured two of Lady Gaga’s many looks in the video. On the right shoe BBEE hand painted Lady Gaga in her silver studded black leather jacket on the jail cell phone wearing her Diet Coke hair curlers. On the right shoe Gaga is on the blue phone and wearing her abstract blue phone hat. Covering the back are the classic yellow crime scene tape, stars, gold phone and poison that were seen in the video. With 87 million views on YouTube someone has to know what message that video was trying to portray…please enlighten me if you know.

Buy these shoes here: BBEE’s Lady Gaga Vans and checkout her website: BBEE Shoes