Lace Lords: A Modern Take On A Sneakers Fat Laces

PaintOrThread likes to focus on unique custom art but if we come across something creative in the sneaker scene like this we have to help spread the word.

When it comes to sneaker culture recent years have seen a slew of accessories and complementary products like lacelocks/dubraes, cleaners, socks, stuff to keep your kicks from creasing and more. The original sneaker accessory though is that of the nearly ubiquitous shoe laces. They’ve come in different shapes, materials, colors, functions ever since they became a necessary part of the shoe. But as far as PaintOrThread knows this is the first time they’ve been able to make such a big statement thanks to Lace Lords.

Are you old enough to remember when a set of fat laces were the desired look? Whether you answered yes or no…imagine if you showed up with your fat laces looking like these?¬†Lace Lords unique shoelaces create a single image when fully laced, giving a whole new look to sneakers. In a time where it seems like the latest Lebron, Durant, Jordan, or Foamposite is all people want LaceLords give you reason to break out a pair of Nike Air Force 1s, Adidas Superstars, Puma Clydes, New Balance 574s, or Nike Dunks. Yes at this time the patent pending laces are only available for classic styles of shoes.

You can purchase them for your classic kicks at and follow them on various social outlets: Twitter: @LaceLords, Instagram: @LaceLords and (And if you think this could help your custom sneaker offering check info to order your own designs here: About Lace Lords.)

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Lace Lords have even teamed up with our sneaker site forefathers at for a cool pair that makes your kicks look like they are covered in SF stickers!