Kicks n Canvas presented by Sole Heaven in London

Sole has teamed up with 21 different graffiti artists for the 1st Kicks n Canvas: bringing together the intricate skills of shoe customizing and the urban artistry of graffiti writers and street artists. The 21 artists are customizing one pair of all white Nike shoes and a working on a canvas piece to compliment the shoes. The gallery will be open from April 8th to April 18th for your chance to buy any of the shoes or canvas pieces. The artists list from around the world includes: INSA, Inkie, Benedict Radcliffe, Goldie, Anthony Lister, Dan Baldwin, Jon Burgerman, ATG, Copyright, Mr. Jago, Ben Frost, Disco Teck, Meggs, Zoot, Dickchicken, Gemma Compton, Trans1, Nes, Numskull, and Jon Lawrence. A definite checkout if you are in London, otherwise look back here on PaintOrThread for the latest photo updates.

For more info on the gallery location visit