Katy Perry Custom Painted Vans Slip On Shoes by BBEE

Vancouver, British Columbia Canada based shoe customizer Alexandra Trim of BBEE Shoes is putting together a nice portfolio of female pop star inspired designs. 2 months ago she created a pair of Lady Gaga Custom Shoes, sticking to the essential base shoe for customizing she made¬† these Katy Perry Vans Slip Ons for a girl named Paige. To represent Paige’s interests Alexandra painted the right shoe with a line of musical notes that flowed to the left shoe behind a portrait of Katy Perry and her pink umbrella. Katy Perry’s videos for her songs “California Gurls” and “Firework” inspired the graphics of rainbow lollipops, candy cane snakes, and fireworks that wrapped around the sides and back. Which pop star is next? I wanna see a Rihanna pair.

To order your own pair of pop star Vans from BBEE visit her website here: BBEE Shoes Order Page