JustBeast: Nike Air Max BW Custom “Just Kaws”

Customizer JustBeast felt the need to do a tribute shoe to one of his favorite artists, KAWS. The need was definitely met on a pair of all white Nike Air Max BW titled “Just KAWS” and then some without an overbearing design. Very simple and very KAWS-like a very detailed pattern against the white background allowing the pattern to be the main focus. JustBeast spent forever and a week hand painting the repeating pattern of iconic KAWS imagery all along the toe and lace panels and tongues including: SpongeBob Squarepants, the Chum design, and many of the Original Fake XX eyes. These Original Fake X Starks Laces would top them off perfectly. I wonder if these would give KAWS the same feeling he had a month ago of the recent Nike Bespoke AF1 and their use of XX stitching?

Contact JustBeast via his blog to order your own custom KAWS Nike shoe