Jurassic Park Nike Dunks: Dannys Custom Shoes versus Sekure D

Triceratops, Velociraptors, and Tyrannosaurus Rex…”Bingo, Dino DNA!” If Nike Dunks were in production in 1993 the gift shop at Jurassic Park may have had some sneakers for sale like these two custom Jurassic Park Nike Dunks, one by Dannys Custom Shoes and the other by Sekure D. With Danny creating his pair last year and Sekure D just recently as a customer order both artists used the design of the vibrant green and yellow Jurassic Park Ford Explorer guests were expected to ride while going through the park on Isla Nublar, until everything went wrong. Fortunately nothing went wrong before the end result with these hand painted designs by both artists. Even though they had the same inspiration there are some differences: Danny painted the Jurassic Park logo on the mid panels while Sekure D chose to have just the Tyrannosaurus Rex’s silhouette on the back panels, then both threw in some differing dino inspired details in the form of footprints on the toe box by Danny versus torn panels of silver that show through layers of dino scales like some of Sekure D’s previous customizations. Which 1 of 1 Jurassic Park design do you like the most?

Contact each artist here to request your own Jurassic Park custom shoes:

Dannys Custom Shoes page or Sekure D’s Website

Danny’s Custom Shoes Jurassic Park Dunks

Jurassic Park Nike Dunk shoes

Sekure D’s Jurassic Park Dunks

Jurassic Park Nike Dunk shoes
Jurassic Park Nike Dunk shoes

Inspiration in the Jurassic Park Ford Explorer via TerrorDaves.com

Jurassic Park Ford Explorer (Not a Jeep!)