Julio Jones Has Migos’ Culture Inspired Under Armour Cleats by Mache

The power a Super Bowl win can have for a city is immeasurable. If the Falcon’s are able to win SB LI, then this pair of cleats would be just the start of the celebration of Atlanta. Under Armour commissioned customizer Mache to paint cleats for the Falcon’s star wide receiver Julio Jones. UA’s only request was for them to be inspired by Atlanta-based rap group Migos’ recent cover artwork for their album titled Culture. Task completed.

With no time to spare Mache painted an alternate Julio Jones x Atlanta “Culture” collage on the lateral sides of each Under Armour Mercenary cleat. Notably, Jones grabbing a pass from Matt Ryan replaces the Migos while the album’s white doves were replaced by a more fitting couple of falcons. Further details of the state capitol building, white roses, and red sports car all upon a fiery explosion were kept similar. But extra additions drive home their theme with Peachtree St. intersection signs, a couple of Georgia peaches, a football, two Atlanta eateries in Varsity and Waffle House, a jet referencing his nickname, and Super Bowl instead of Nawf on the Interstate 85 sign. Last details of the team’s Rise Up slogan in Culture styling and Atlanta in that of Donald Glover’s hit TV show finish them off.

The completed pair were gifted to Jones by Migos themselves Saturday at an Under Armour football combine event in Houston. Following the trend of the NFL’s typical stance on cleats worn during the game we can all only hope they are lenient and these see more action than just the pregame.

You can contact Mache and see who he is customizing cleats for next at MacheCustoms.com and Instagram.com/Mache275

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The Migos’ “Culture” album cover art designed by Stole “Moab” Stojmenov