Joy Division Unknown Pleasures Inspired Nike Air Max Custom by SBTG

This latest custom design by SBTG is right up the alley of his usual work and could easily be inferred as a 3 way collaboration between SBTG, LIVESTONG, and Joy Division. Don’t worry they aren’t a 3 way collabo but a 1 of 1 customer request. Titled “Reece”, maybe after the new owner, these Nike Air Max 90s feature a midsole painted in the classic SBTG tiger camo along with a mostly olive green upper to go with black, bright yellow and gray accents. Most interesting is the subtle “pulsar” pattern seen on the toe and lace panels. That pattern is in fact inspired by the cover art of Joy Divison’s album, Unknown Pleasures. This type of personal custom from SBTG can always be yours just be ready to pay up as this artistic investment here cost a cool $700.

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