Jordan Spieth Under Armour Golf Shoes Customized by Dez and Kreative

No style of shoe is safe from a customization these days, even on the golf course. Under Armour enlisted the customizing duo of Dez Customs and Kreative Custom Kicks to go to work on the golf shoes of their star endorsee, Jordan Spieth. Earlier in 2017 they worked on the Spieth One, they painted with bamboo, bonsai and the Japanese flag for Spieth’s trip across Tokoyo to debut the new model. Their next pair though has much more meaning for Spieth.

The new silhouette was painted to commemorate one of Spieth’s early career wins in 2015. The shoes feature contrasting designs inspired by the Copperhead course at the Innisbrook Resort. At the course for the 2015 Valspar Championship Spieth won in a three-way playoff with a 30ft putt. So the left shoe features a painted look at Hole 18, which is one-third pof the trio of holes that goes by the “snake pit” nickname. Which is represented further on the right shoe with a set of menacing copperhead snakes ready to bite.

With as much camera time that golfers get do you think we’ll see customs like this worn on the course? Or is golf just too conservative?

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Snakepit innisbrook golf course Under Armour Snake Pit Innisbrook golf course

This was the first pair of the Under Armour Spieth One Dez and Kreative worked on to celebrate Spieth’s visit to Tokoyo in early 2017.

Under Armour Jordan Spieth Golf Shoes Custom Painted Dez Kreative

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