JGoods Sneaker Cleaning Wipes

Minnesota based shoe customizer JGoods has added another item to his line of commercial products, the JGoods Sneaker Cleaning Wipes. These have been specially formulated to clean any leather, plastic, vinyl, rubber or other nonporous surface. Each container includes 20 6″x 8″, non-hazardous, pre-moistened wipes. Packages will retail for $7 and clean up to 20 pairs of shoes.

By no means a groundbreaking product as there are quite a few similar products on the market. But if your going to buy a shoe cleaner in the form of disposable wipes why not buy from a credible brand with a history in the sneaker world and not some corpo trying to push sells at the local mall shop?

Currently they are only available at Phenom in Minneapolis, MN but expect more instore and online retailers in the near future. And of course online via JGoods Online Shop