JBF Customs: Glow in the Dark Custom Nike Blazer

College freshman schoolwork has been hindering the creative work of shoe customizer JBF Customs this past fall. But before you know it his school will probably follow the recent trend and highlight his entrepreneurial skills. College students winter break has been in full effect across the country for at least a few days giving JBF time to get busy in the lab. If you have been following Paint Or Thread the past year you will know simplicity is something we like, making these custom Nike Blazers JBF created through a decon-recon process are just our style. During the day they give off that “I like classic black and white vibe, but I still like to party at night.”

JBF Custom’s Facebook page HERE! Check the rest of the post for an inside look at JBF’s process making these custom Nike Blazers with glow in the dark swoosh.