Iridescent Reconstructed Air Jordan I Customs by theMenace Designs

If you just happen to like wearing sneakers that will turn people’s heads, this iridescent reconstructed Air Jordan 1 by theMenace should be up your alley. The concept of the reconstructed sneaker customization was birthed from the desire to have a sneaker in materials a company will likely never use. The concept has roots as far back as the 1980s, but it wasn’t until the early 2000s that it first showed signs of becoming a regular practice by many. A majority of those that tackle this until now have been self-taught, with tips and tricks shared amongst each other. Usually starting with a reverse engineering approach and attempting to rebuild the sneaker. The ultimate goal is having your cuts, stitching, and overall shape hard to distinguish from the original form. theMenace has been through that process for years now and this pair definitely proves his skills.

Starting with a AJ 1 High retro the only remaining part is that of the white and black soles. The previously white upper was swapped out for a premium black leather and an eye-catching reptile faux print. Keeping the material to just the back heel, Swooshes, and toes shows the color change look in the light from green to gold to blue. Crisp cuts and pretty on-spot stitching make for a very ideal reconstructed custom.

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Iridescent Reconstructed Air Jordan Iridescent Reconstructed Air Jordan Iridescent Reconstructed Air Jordan