How to Paint Air Jordan XI 11 into Dirty Breds by @KINGofSneakers

Ever since PaintOrThread broke the Blacked Out Bred Air Jordan XI by Noldo Customs Instagram has seen numerous attempts of the design and our inbox has been full of how to make them. With the already mass release of the Air Jordan XI “Playoffs”, one restock under their belt and another this Saturday we can expect to see more and more of the simple customization. If you haven’t a clue how to paint your AJ XI midsoles from white to black KingofSneakers has you covered. Checkout their video below that goes over the basic steps and materials needed without much confusion. #Diclaimer This type of customization is very susceptible to the effects of wear and will not last perfectly forever if worn but can hold up fine by wearing with care and touch ups. This is one variation of steps among a small list of varying processes to achieve this customization. PaintOrThread is not responsible for what you do to your shoes.#

King Of Sneakers even sells all the supplies used in their video here: