Horror Film Monster Custom Nike Dunk Series by Sekure D for RoyaleFam

SBTG has announced the 2nd installment of the RoyaleFam Curated Artists program with Australian based shoe customizer Sekure D. The collection of 3 custom shoes is inspired by cinematic monster icons: ‘Mr Freeze’ Dunk High, ‘Mummy’ Dunk Low and ‘Daywalker’ Dunk High. The three shoes each have classic Sekure D styling: complementary colors and bold original patterns, and of course hand painted. Though the designs each have 2 or 3 patterns per shoe and may seem busy the exact theme is still inconspicuous to those that may not be very familiar with the specific monster villain. The theme being not clearly visible makes the shoes more wearable and shows more effort in the actual design instead of just putting up the characters face. Character customs are cool but not all the time.

Words from Sekure D:

I am really excited about this release for a number of reasons but I think you can tell from the amount of work in each one of these shoes that a great deal of time went into planning and detailing the prefect set of customs. I am a massive movie junkie and as mentioned above SBTG and I are both fans of old horror movies and posters so it was the perfect theme to approach for my first appearance on the Royalefam site. As always its so important when recreating a theme that the shoes are representative of myself as well as capture the essence of the character without making the shoes unwearable and I think that was achieved perfectly with this series. There is a limited amount of pairs available in each design so if your interested make sure you hit up the site on release!

These will be available Friday February 18th in 4 to 5 pairs each and ranging from mens US sizes 8 to 12 only via www.RoyaleFam.com. For other work from Sekure D checkout his site here: SekureD.com

“Mummy” Nike Dunk lows

“Daywalker” Nike Dunk Highs

“Mr. Freeze” Nike Dunk Highs