Homegrown Nike Air Max Light by Dank Customs

So did you miss out on a limited release sneaker? Maybe they are out of your budget but you still have an infatuation for that unique colorway? Hire a shoe customizer to recreate them on a similar shoe giving you that limited colorway in a 1 of 1 of 1 design. That was the concept behind these custom “Homegrown” Nike Air Max Light by Dank Customs. They are based off of the “Homegrown” Nike Air Max 90 that released in limited numbers in 2006 at Patta in Amsterdam. All of the original AM90’s colors were mimicked from the bold green upper to the bright orange¬† highlights and even the insoles made from a cork material all on a brown gum sole.

To have your own pair of Homegrown Air Max Lights visit Dank Customs site: http://jwdanklefs.blogspot.com/

The inspiration: Nike Air Max 90 Homegrown “grass” via Kixclusive