Hello Elephant Nike Air Max 1 Custom by SOLESclusive

Plain and simple elephant print will probably never get old. Though like many of life’s vices it is best if used in moderation. The crackled lines confused by many as cement based on the colorway name Nike first used on the Air Jordan III’s use of the print was often times the focal point of many custom shoes. Now it can still look cool but you need to give the shoe more. SOLESclusive did just that on this custom titled “Hello Elephant” upon the Nike Air Max 1.

What began as the white and gray AM1 seen below now has some personality. Starting off with orange leather in a partial reconstruction of the liner and toe box replacing the white mesh. Next the mid panel and heel were painted gray along with the ankle mesh. Next up came two versions of some of that large animal’s print upon the mudguard in classic form that was engraved and painted. While a more subtle take is seen on the top eyelet and forefoot panels with a bit of 3M style reflective finish. That there could have been enough. But for the above and beyond crowd, the tongues can be reversed between elephant print and perforated leather thanks to the addition of a bit of Velcro.

More work from SOLESclusive can be seen on Facebook at: Facebook.com/SOLESclusive 


elephant-print-air-max-1-custom-solesclusive elephant-nike-air-max-1-solesclusive-custom-1