Handicapped Sign Custom Nike Air Force 1 Shoes

Ummm what? Weird is what. Seriously there is not much else that can be said than these are a pair of all white Nike Air Force 1 low tops that have the mid and back panels painted blue and white with the internationally recognized sign for accessibility: the handicapped accessible symbol. There have been some pretty strange custom shoes seen but these could be the top of the list.

The video of these shoes were posted on YouTube in 2008 by ImmenseResponse, who seems not to be the shoe customizer behind these as this was one of the comments they made on the video:

The artist who painted´╗┐ these was demonstrating what the general population knows of what it means to be handicapped on a shoe, as you can see, which in its essence is destined to become offensive once worn by any able bodied individual. That being said, the design on the shoe itself suggests a profound contrast between those who can walk and those who cannot.

What do you think? strange? weird? offensive?