“Growing Up” Custom Pack by El Cappy x @joevenuto

As with other forms of art collecting, return customers are not uncommon in the custom sneaker world. What is uncommon but likely to become a trend thanks to @joevenuto are multiple commissions that, when combined, form a 1-of-1 custom pack. Mr. Venuto called on Eric aka El Cappy for a three pair deal that incorporates world history and the individual histories of the Air Jordan III, IV, and V.

JoeVenuto and Cappy reflected on historical events that coincided with the original release dates of the three Nike Air Jordan models, crafting the pairs to represent their respective event. As the Air Jordan III was hitting shelves in 1988, the United States government was revving up it’s anti-drug legislation and fixing loopholes in the 1986 Anti-Drug Abuse Act. The Jordan III “Dope Boy” Customs feature a high-gloss bright red upper with gold-chain graphics throughout, reminiscent of the flashy cars, clothing, and jewelry that were popular assets for drug dealers in the 80’s. The gold is also used to around the toe cap and heel and is complimented by silver razor-blade graphics on the collar. This pair is finished off with “cocaine” lines and a white “88” on the heel tab.

The Air Jordan IV “Berlin Wall” Customs shown below used the Fire Red Jordan IVs as a base, covering the pair in graffiti markings similar to the defacement of the actual wall until November 8, 1989 when the border separating Western and Eastern Germany was opened after nearly 30 years.

Lastly, the Air Jordan V “Desert Storm” Customs were made to commemorate the military strike during the Gulf War (codenamed Desert Storm) which began in August 1990. Starting with a pair of Metallic Jordan Vs, the upper was made to resemble the Desert Camo worn by US forces in Kuwait. The netting and jumpman are blacked out and Cappy included 4 stars on each side, signifying the rank of a 4-Star General. Just like the other pairs, these are accented with the 3-dimensional numbers on the heel, this time a “99” in an American flag motif.

Check out this video from JoeVenuto that gives an in-depth explanation of the overall theme and the specific themes for each pair in the pack:


More images of the pack can be found over at JoeVenuto.com and as always you can check out more from El Cappy at ElCap1of1.com