Gremlins Custom Nike Air Max 90 Shoes by Mizzee Customs

Who doesn’t like a Christmas horror movie? The most wonderful time of the year then random chaos and terror. A classic is “Gremlins” from 1984 which happens to be one of Mizzee Customs favorite childhood movies. He decided to create a custom Nike Air Max 90 based on the Gremlins but with his spin: bit less dull and muted like the actual Gremlin colors. Reebok created an Omni-Pump based off the Gremlin and Gizmo in 2009 but I like these custom Nikes a bit more for their brightness. Mizzee went to town with his usual combination of hand painting and air brush fading, complete with engraved Gremlin skin on the mudguard and a Gremlin like print on the rest of the upper. Then taking the dull Gremlin orange and red of their eyes to a neon orange and pink. Interestingly he also unstitched and replaced the back Air Max 90 heel tab to the tongues and painted a variation of his M logo in their place. Unfortunately these can only be worn at night….any glimpse of them in the sunlight and they just might shrivel up and die.

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