Grandma’s Floral Print Adidas NMD by Kendra’s Customs

Detailed painting upon this floral print adidas NMD makes for a true one of a kind custom. Looking to inspiration found in probably every grandma’s closet, Kendra’s Customs put her hand painting skills to work on this white pair of Adidas NMDs. While many people claim they like to wear different shoes or kicks than the next person, the truth is many in the sneaker world are fine having the same shoes as hundreds of thousands if not millions of people. In her work, Kendra Thomas looks to give clients something, not everyone will have. For the most part that is a lot of the way custom sneakers have come to exist, but as they become viable businesses for some, repeated designs become a nature of the beast.

Using multi shades of pink, blue and green were used to create the detail on the white mesh of these popular adidas. Instead of going all over the hand painted art was kept to the front toe area for a very wearable design for spring or summer. Pretty much a perfect look to match the bright blue NMD block on the heel.

Kendra is offering this exact pair of custom floral print adidas NMD via her Etsy shop. You can check more work from her on

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