Gilbert Arenas Orlando Magic Air Jordan VI by Mizzee Customs

What could have been? Despite going through some steps he usually never faces these custom Air Jordan VI made for Gilbert Arenas are part of an unfinished story by Mizzee Customs. The creative team behind the website of Gilbert Arenas and his SneakerChamp moniker reached out to Mizzee for a ultimate crown on this seasons barrage of different kicks worn by Arenas. But the shoes barely missed the Orlando Magic first round series knockout by the Atlanta Hawks a few weeks ago. Mizzee put some detailed thought into the final design that referenced two other Magic player’s who wore the #1, Penny Hardaway and Tracy McGrady. Penny can be seen in the pinstripes and TMac in the white on white or blue on blue stars a la both of the jerseys worn in their time on the Magic. Because rules are rules Mizzee had to actually get his design approved by the NBA league officials before even starting. Unfortunately Orlando could not hold on and no game 7 took place in Orlando. Here is a few questions about the project answered by Mizzee:

What was the requirement from the league? Did you give them a design first? I get you don’t do that often…you think you’ll do it more now?

The mockup is what I originally sent them, but I don’t think it had the notes on it.  I originally dont do it unless its for customer orders since they typically dont know what they like, but for this one they need to at least get an idea, so I complied. I refuse to do it more often tho, the hell with that lol only thing they told me was it had to be team colored, since it was a league regulation.

Were you Gilbert’s choice for this project or someone else in charge?

I was commissioned by his people, who actually do some things with Undercrown, hence the collab they did.

Did you get any insight into how Gilbert decides on what shoes he wants to wear for games?

I don’t know how he picks his sneakers actually, but I know he has gotten a ton! I was given FULL range over the project though. Which was dope.

Any reason he didn’t wear them in one of the first round games? Waiting for the 2nd round? A home game?

They had to go through an approval system, so once they were approved they were home for game 5 I think. he could of definitely worn them game 6 though. But he was digging them though, I got the phone call from him personally. Plus i was compensated for my time so its not a loss on my end ya know. Its more like a missed opportunity in my opinion.

Regardless it was a cool finish to his unique sneaker story of him wearing all his own shoes through out the season. Hopefully he can rock them next season.

For more insight on his design process or to reach out to Mizzee for your own custom Air Jordan VI’s visit his site here: