Fila 96 “Old Lover” Custom Sneakers by Art Peace

Compared to today’s standards of player signature models the 1990s seems the gold rush of NBA player endorsements and every brand had at least one or two big names. A smaller brand that had a brief run of popularity strong enough to warrant a retro was the Fila Grant Hill line. Although today they were renamed the Fila 96 its design surely still brings up memories in NBA fans who are in their late twenties to late thirties. In this case it is for sure an uncommon base for a custom sneaker.

Art Peace titled this double set of Fila 96 “Old Lover” with one pair for men and the other in womens sizing. The set features a similar design across both pairs starting with a hand painted tiger camo on the majority of the upper on both the lateral and medial sides. Next a gray section was added to tone down the white midsoles. Next the feature that sets the two apart was the addition of blue and pink to the gender coordinating size upon the toes, eyelets, and heel tabs. Do you think anyone in 1996 at Fila could have envisioned this look on their signature basketball sneaker?

These look to be 1 of 1 designs but you can check more work from Art Peace here:

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