Fight Club Custom Nike Dunk Shoes by YoaKustoms

The first rule about Fight Club custom shoes is you do not talk about Fight Club custom shoes. Well maybe you do not talk about them if they look like a real crap effort by a beginner customizer, but not if they are hand painted photographic-like preciseness by YoaKustoms. Taking the theme of a customer request, Yoakustoms’ details on these custom Nike Dunks just may make you experience some level of insomnia. That sleeplessness starts with the pink Fight Club bar of soap graphic used in the movies marketing campaigns on the tongues with Swooshes of the same color. The outer panels show the 1999 cult classic’s two main characters painted in a grimy green, yellow and red with the left shoe being Brad Pitt as Tyler Durden and the right shoe Edward Norton as the narrator that was a nameless regular guy.

The shoes are each a different color: white to go with the narrator’s white collar job background and black to go with Tyler Durden’s dark mysterious life.  Realistic looking splatters of blood cover the fronts of all the Swooshes as if they were worn in one of the films bloodshed scenes finishing the look of hyperrealism found with the portraits. Finally if you had no idea who those faces were the inner heels have the bold Fight Club logos sprayed in that aforementioned blood. I encourage you to talk about these.

These are a 1 of 1 custom but to have YoaKustoms create you your own movie themed custom shoes visit her site: