Fight Club Custom Hand Painted Converse Chuck Taylors

Earlier this year a similar Fight Club custom sneaker design was seen using a pair of Nike Dunks from YoaKustoms. Even though the design is practically the same, the artist Virulent Apparel chose a highly appealing “Fight Club” like sneaker, the Converse Chuck Taylor for his girlfriend’s birthday present. A completely hand painted profile of the main characters, Tyler Durden and his nameless counterpart (or maybe character) played by Brad Pitt and Edward Norton cover the shoes lateral panels with a blood splattered and dirty green back ground. If the devious grin on Durden’s face did not hint enough at the shoes theme the tongues should being covered with pink, bubbly Fight Club bars of soap. The only thing that could really make these perfect is a few months of intense wear to rough up the untouched white canvas, laces, and rubber soles. Again talk about these Fight Club shoes.

Contact Virulent Apparel to create your own Fight Club shoes via Facebook: or Twitter: @VirulentApparel