I Feel Like Pablo adidas Yeezy 350 Sply Boost v2 Customs

It might be safe to say that no one or nothing has influenced more custom sneaker themes than Kanye West. From album art to colorways. Of course, this influence stems from the all-encompassing world that is young men’s street fashion. Will this hold true in coming years or will the youth gravitate to someone their own age? As long as Kanye is backed by adidas or any other sneaker brand it will likely continue based on the hype success of this and all colors of the Yeezy 350 Boosts. But this custom Yeezy 350 stands to most other Kanye customs like Ye at his Saint Pablo Tour.

The work of veteran sneaker customizer, FutureKicks, this much-desired orange and gray adidas got a simple but very fitting alteration. FutureKick’s change takes on the orange stripe of the PrimeKnit upper calling to Kanye’s album The Life of Pablo. Taking the original text of SPLY-350 and replacing it on the left shoe with “I Feel Like Pablo”, a nod to Kanye’s references in the song No More Parties in LA. While the left got a nod to the Netflix series inspired by one of the Pablo’s Kanye references in that of Escobar with the line: “I feel like Pablo when I’m workin’ on my shoes”.

Kanye thin’s he has sold shoes like Escobar’s drug cartel. Some footwear sales stat guy will disagree, but in custom sneakers, the influence is hard to argue.

More work can be seen and inquiries about this customization to FutureKicks can be made at Instagram.com/FutureKicks


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