As sneaker customizing has become a full time gig for some people over the past couple years it’s seems less and less that we really see customs that mean something personal to the customizer. A lot of work that gets attention these days is that for commission orders, which is great, but the essence of how many people got into customizing was to create something for themselves. You can easily look at some portfolios of people that began customizing the past year or two and it appears they gave customizing a shot to make money, relying on Nike’s concepts, rather than to express their own creativity. Sab One is a customizer who has done the latter over the years and is the latest to share his FAV 5.

5. Black Cement Air Jordan Spizike: This a custom that I kept for myself. I’ve always liked the black/cement gray colorway and the Spizike itself. So this was a perfect match for me. These stay in heavy rotation.


4. Tobin Bridge Nike Dunk: If you don’t already know I’m from Boston. These are based on a bridge here that’s seen better days, hence the rust and grime. I’m consistently trying to be as clean as possible with my customs so when the design allows me to be messy it opens up my creative freedom. A pair I wish I didn’t sell.


3. Weatherman Nike Lebron 9: One of my first pairs where I got a high demand to reproduce. I think i did 6 or 7 pairs last summer. This is the first shoe that opened me up to the business of customization.



2. MBTA Blue Line Dunks: The blue line was the train line that ran through my part of Boston. As a kid it was an adventure to hop on the train and see what kinda trouble you could get into. I’ve had countless requests to reproduce these, but some things you only do once.


1. Spawn Nike Dunks: You know that feeling you get when you create something great? That’s how I felt when I was finished with these. These were the first pair I did where I got to let loose with my illustrative painting. Also the first pair that made every one of the major blogs. I still own these. Even though they are not in heavy rotation I still rock um from time to time.



Big thanks to Sab for taking time to share his FAV 5. You can see more of his work on his site: www.Sab-1.com and follow him on Twitter: @Sab_One, Instagram: @Sab_One, and on Facebook.com/SAB.ONE.CUSTOMS