FAV 5: Roberto Maymi aka SmoothTip


Based out of Atlanta, Georgia the creative Roberto Maymi has put work in his whole life in a few different creative outlets. The area he has been able to make the most out of his moniker SmoothTip has been in(no surprise here), sneaker customization. Making use of the airbrush and painting by hand he has built up a portfolio that surely made this task of picking only five favorite pieces a bit of a challenge. The cool part is that these five range from nearly a decade ago to a pair recently made here in 2013.

5. Outkast ATLiens Nike Dunks: It was the first custom I did where I hand painted characters on a shoe plus Outkast is one of my favorite HipHop groups.



4. HIGH Life Air Jordan IV: This shoe got me allot of recognition on the sneaker blogs for the first time.



3. High Life Nike Dunks: One of my first customs where I started to think more outside the box on trying to developed my own personal style instead of just doing “themed” designs.


2. Galaxy Nike Air Foamposite Pro: I feel this custom put me on the map as far as people knowing my name in the sneaker community. I feel I painted the Galaxy the best…personally, lol.


1. Jimi Hendrix Nike Air Foamposite: These are my favorite because it really challenged my art skills trying to paint portraits on a surface so rigid such as a Foamposite. Also I was just a fan of the whole theme utilizing the Purple Haze scheme for this project. Music is my other passion, so anything involving the two cultures hits the heart a little more.



For the most part Roberto won’t be remaking most of these exactly the same but he is definitely open for commissions as well as worth checking out his recent work via: SmoothTip.com and follow him on Twitter: @SmoothCustoms82 and Instagram: @SmoothCustoms82