FAV 5: Jonathan Carrington of Peculiar Kinetics Studios

When you see customizers put out decent work that have been customizing just a couple of years you can usually tell if they had some art background or if customs were their first foray into creativity. That’s the case with Baltimore, Maryland based customizer Jonathan Carrington of Peculiar Kinetics Studios who has spent time painting and partaking in digital design in and out of the classroom. As our latest featured customizer of our FAV 5 series Carrington shares his favorite handful of customs that each take a rather bland colorway base and give them life through bright, clean painted patterns.

“What I wanted to focus on was the experience gained from each project. Each shoe was like its own story in a sense.” – Jonathan Carrington

5. Nike Air Foamposite Pro “Maui”

“Working on this shoe was the first time I ever used an airbrush extensively, it was a new challenge but, it was easier than expected. I came away eager to learn so much more.”


4. Nike Lebron 9 “Alley Art”

“This shoe represented my love for graffiti and art as a whole. Growing up in Baltimore I was always fascinated by the wall art I would see, legal or not.”


3. Puma Blaze of Glory “Native”

“Growing up with both sides of my family being part Blackfoot (Native American) I always took pride in that. So this shoe was simply me paying homage to my heritage.”


2. Air Jordan VI “AZTEC”

“In business sometimes you can lose your way. This shoe brought everything back to the basics. The excitement, the joy, and the anticipation of waking up every day eager to work on this design helped me remember why I love what I do.”


1. Nike Air Foamposite One “Eye of the Tiger”

“This was my very first custom over two years ago. This shoe was purely done for the joy of being able to create something that fits me and being able to wear it. That first custom that comes out how you want it is like a high on a cloud you stay on for a while. This was that custom. The acknowledgement was humbling as well.”


Thanks to Jonathan for taking time to share his thoughts on his favorite work from his portfolio. You can contact him for your own custom pair at http://pkstudios12.wix.com/pkstudios and follow him on Instagram: @PKcustoms89 and on Twitter: @PKStudios12