Facebook Mark Zuckerberg Custom Adidas Shoes by FreakerSneaks

Can you believe 800 million people are registered with an account on Facebook.com? There is actually a lot of room for the growth of Facebook considering only 2 billion people on Earth supposedly use the Internet. But how many of that 800 million are crazy enough to want custom Facebook shoes? Maybe a few would consider a pair after they see these Facebook themed Adidas Adicolor Hi tops by FreakerSNEAKS. Covered in the Facebook blue on white color scheme FreakerSNEAKS put in some detail painting work with the signature friend request, new message, and notification logos near the toes of the right shoe and the iconic facebook logo on the left shoe. Oh and if you are one of the Facebook users living under a rock that guy on the right shoe is Mark Zuckerberg. Mark who? Google him Facebook him. These are available on a per order basis and instead of Zucky’s face on your shoes FreakerSNEAKS will paint your own profile pic on the shoes. (or for you Facebook stalkers maybe someone else’s profile pic)

Contact FreakerSNEAKS and checkout his other work here: http://www.freakersneaks.com/